Barcor Inc.

Barcor is one of the last comapanies that can say their products are "Made In the USA". Known in the metrology world as the chamfer, angle and hole gage specialists, Barcor continues to be a leader by making supperior products and still sold from a price list from 1988. Owner Ed Baria has created a great brand of products that are in a class of their own. Known throughout the world for their chamfer, countersink and hole gages, Barcor also manufacturers rivet and bevel gages.

Boregages.com strives to provide a comprehensive range of products through all of our brands. Boregages.com proudly offers all Barcor bore gages. If there is a product you were not able to locate on our site, please contact us directly by email (info@boregages.com), call 800-469-0132, fill out a contact us form, or through the Live Chat feature to speak with a product specialist.

Company: Barcor Inc.

Headquarters: Deerfield, IL