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    D-50 Digital Display

    D-50 Digital Display



    Resolution: .00001"/.0001mm

    Fowler/Sylvac 54-618-148 D-50 Digital Display/Indication Unit


    • Measuring direction can be reversed
    • 2 probe inputs
    • User friendly
    • Direct inch/metric conversion
    • Switchable resolution
    • Data output RS232C
    • Function keys/keypad can be locked
    • Build in calibration sequence
    • AC adaptor included with each display
    • ABS/REL modes (can read exact reading or deviation from zero)

    Sylvac Digital Readouts compatable with the Ultima System:

    • 54-618-142 D-50S Pro Digital Readout
    • 54-618-148 D-50 Pro Digital Readout
    • 54-618-300 D-300S Pro Digital Readout

    The Fowler/Sylvac 54-618-148 D-50 Digital Readout is one of the recommended readouts compatible with the Ultima Bore Gaging System. Below is a list of the Ultima Transducer Handles as well as Ultima Bore Gage Sets that are compatible with the D-50 Pro Digtal Readout:

    Ultima Transducer Handles:

    • 54-565-525 PH2 Holder Ultima Transducer Handle: .078-.236"/2-6mm
    • 54-565-526 PH3 Holder Ultima Transducer Handle: .236-.787"/6-20mm
    • 54-565-527 PH4 Holder Ultima Transducer Handle: .787-3.94"/20-100mm
    • 54-565-528 PH5 Holder Ultima Transducer Handle: 3.94-12.2"/100-310mm

    Ultima Bore Gage Sets:

    • 54-565-020 Ultima Bore Gage Set: .390-.790"/10-20mm
    • 54-565-070 Ultima Bore Gage Set: .240-.790"/6-20mm
    • 54-565-080 Ultima Bore Gage Set: .790-1.97"/20-50mm
    • 54-565-090 Ultima Bore Gage Set: 1.97-3.94"/50-100mm
    • 54-565-100 Ultima Bore Gage Set: .790-3.94"/20-100mm