Since 1995, INSIZE has built a reputation known for exceptional quality, reliability and value. Focused on continuous innovation, INSIZE is consistently striving to improve product design and presentation. With an ever-expanding global distribution network, INSIZE has reach in over 42 countries worldwide. With that, INSIZE products, services, and support are in arms reach of all it's customers. INSIZE is an SGS certified company, giving reassurance that all products that leave it’s facilities have been systematically inspected for superior quality.

Boregages.com strives to provide a comprehensive range of products through all of our brands. Boregages.com proudly offers all Insize bore gages. If there is a product you were not able to locate on our site, please contact us directly by email (info@boregages.com), call 800-469-0132, fill out a contact us form, or through the Live Chat feature to speak with a product specialist.

Company: Insize USA

Headquarters: Loganville, GA