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    Bore Gage Setting Master Kits

    Bore Gage Setting Master Kits



    Fowler 53-646-000-1 Heavy Duty Bore Gage Setting Master Kit

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: 0-6"
    • 36 Piece Gage Block Set with tolerances to .00005"
    • Certificate of calibration certified to N.I.S.T.

    Setting Device Dimensions:

    • Quick-release holder for fast adjustment
    • Internal capacity: 6"
    • Depth capacity: 1"
    • Base Anvil: 2.750 x .80"
    • Adjustable anvil: 2.375 x .375"
    • Centralizer capacity width: 2.625"

    The 53-646-000-1 Fowler Bore Gage Setting Master Kit is ideal for machinists and mechanics who are in need of a way to calibrate their bore gage. Trying to calibrate a dial bore gage with a micrometer can be tricky and using setting rings is accurate but not the most economical solution. The bore gage setting master kit allows operators to be able to calibrate and set bore gages with diameters up to 6" accurately out to .0001". Previous setting master kits offered by other brands can cost thousands of dollars. The Fowler Bore Gage Setting Master Kit is an accurate and economical way to be able to calibrate bore gages. Included in the setting master kit is a 36-piece gage block set that comes certified to NIST. Users can also use the individual gage blocks to be able to check the accuracy of other precision measurement tools in their shop such as micrometers, calipers, depth gages, and many more.

    The following Fowler Dial Bore Gages can be set and calibrated using the 53-646-000-1 Bore Gage Setting Master Kit:

    .0005" Dial Graduations

    .0001" Dial Graduations

    • 52-646-500 Extender-E Dial Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6.0"

    Electronic - Inch/Metric

    • 54-646-401 Extender-E Electronic Bore Gage Set: 1.4-6/35-150mm