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    Holematic XTH Pistol Grip Readout

    Fowler/Bowers 54-556-375 XTH Pistol Grip Readout Only

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: .250-.750"/6-20mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm


    • Two-button electronics
    • RS-232 output: USB and Series cables are available for data collection
    • Consistent measuring force will increase repeatability among operators
    • IP65 Protected
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • XTH Pistol Grips have a switchable resolution: .00005"/.0005"/.001mm/.01mm
    • Large swivel display makes it easier for operators to read the measurement
    • Electronics can store up to 3 preset memories

    The 54-556-375 XTH Holematic Pistol Grip Readout is compatible with the following XT measuring heads:

    The 54-556-375 XTH Holematic Pistol Grip Only is included as the standard electronic readout the following XTH Pistol Grip Sets:

    • 54-566-706 Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Set: .250-.312"/6-8mm
    • 54-566-708 Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Set: .312-.375"/8-10mm
    • 54-566-710 Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Set: .375-.500"/10-12.5mm
    • 54-566-712 Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Set: .500-.625"/12.5-16mm
    • 54-566-716 Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Set: .625-.750"/16-20mm
    • 54-566-010 Fowler XTH Large Capacity Pistol Grip Set: .250-.375"/6-10mm
    • 54-566-020 Fowler XTH Large Capacity Pistol Grip Set: .375-.750"/10-20mm
    • 54-566-620 Fowler XTH Large Capacity Pistol Grip Set: .250-.750"/6-20mm

    The Fowler XTH Pistol Grip Readout is one of the best quality and most accurate bore gage readouts offered by www.BoreGages.com. The sleek ergonomic desigin of the pistol grip readout allows operators to measure bores for hours at a time without any stress on thier wrist or hand. There are two springs inside of each XTH pistol grip that produce a consistent measuring force which eliminates any operator influence. With 10 minutes of training, operators can typically have the bore gage repeating within .00005"/.001mm on well machined parts. The XTH pistol grip sets are ideal for a lab-type environment as well as being used out on the shop floor.

    The Fowler/Bowers XTH Pistol Grip Readouts are available in four different ranges:

    • 54-566-350 Holematic XTH Pistol Grip:: .080-.250"/2-6mm
    • 54-556-375 Holematic XTH Pistol Grip:: .250-.750"/6-20mm
    • 54-556-400 Holematic XTH Pistol Grip:: .750-4.00"/20-100mm
    • 54-556-480 Holematic XTH Pistol Grip:: 4.00-12.00"/100-300mm