• Fowler/Bowers 54-336-306 XT Extension

    Technical Specifications:

    • Length: 20"/500mm
    • Diameter: .757"
    • Only compatible with XT Heads from .750"/20mm and larger

    Note: The XT Extension 54-336-306 is not compatible with the XTA Analog Holemikes. If operators need to use a 20" extension to get down to take a bore measurement, the XTH Pistol Grip or the XTD Electronic Holemike will have to be used.

    The Fowler/Bowers XT extensions can be used with the XTH pistol grip readouts, XTD electronic holemike readouts as well as the XTA analog holemikes. The maximum depth recommended for the XT bore gages is 2 meters. If users are measuring bores at depths of 12" and greater, we recommend speaking with one of our inside sales reps in regards to using measuring heads with spherical anvils.

    The Fowler/Bowers XT Extension 54-336-306 is compatible with the following XT heads:

    • 54-342-016 XT Measuring Head: .750-1.00"/20-25mm
    • 54-342-017 XT Measuring Head: 1.00-1.375"/25-35mm
    • 54-342-018 XT Measuring Head: 1.375-2.00"/35-50mm
    • 54-342-019 XT Measuring Head: 2.00-2.625"/50-65mm
    • 54-342-020 XT Measuring Head: 2.625-3.25"/65-80mm
    • 54-342-021 XT Measuring Head: 3.25-4.00"/80-100mm
    • 54-342-022 XT Measuring Head: 4.00-5.00"/100-125mm
    • 54-342-023 XT Measuring Head: 5.00-6.00"/125-150mm
    • 54-342-024 XT Measuring Head: 6.00-7.00"/150-175mm
    • 54-342-025 XT Measuring Head: 7.00-8.00"/175-200mm
    • 54-342-026 XT Measuring Head: 8.00-9.00"/200-225mm
    • 54-342-027 XT Measuring Head: 9.00-10.00"/225-250mm
    • 54-342-028 XT Measuring Head: 10.00-11.00"/250-275mm
    • 54-342-029 XT Measuring Head: 11.00-12.00"/275-300mm

    Fowler/Bowers XT Extensions: