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    Dial Bore Gage

    Dial Bore Gage



    Range/Size: 14.2-39.75mm

    Graduation: 0.002mm

    Starrett 82MCZ Dial Bore Gage

    82MCZ Technical Specifications:

    • Total Range: 14.2-39.75mm
    • Resolution: 0.002mm
    • Probes: 8
    • Max. Bore Depth: 63mm / 125mm
    • Range Each Probe: 23.75-27.05mm; 26.9-30.2; 30.1-33.4mm; 33.3-36.6mm


    • The split-ball contact is self-centering and the two-point contact makes the gage useful for detecting hole geometry problems like taper, bell-mouth and out-of-roundness.
    • Reads to .0001" and 0.002mm
    • Useful for controlling approach to tolerance without removing the workpiece from a machine
    • Interchangeable probes are hard chrome platd and polished
    • Sets furnished in attractive, protective case

    Dial bore gages are available in convenient sets or with individual probes and dial indicators. Each set consists of a dial indicator, a body and actuating rod, two adjusting wrenches and the probes as specified below. The head may be ordered separately (includes dial indicator, body, and two adjusting wrenches). Individual probes can also be ordered as listed. All probes are furnished with an actuating rod. These gages are also available with electronic indicators by special order. Measurements are taken by comparison so some type of set master should be used as a reference standard. We recommend setting as close to the hole being measured as possible, and this can be easily done with gage blocks or with a micrometer. We can also furnish master setting rings by request.

    Starrett 82M Dial Bore Gages:

    • 82MAZ Dial Bore Gage: 2.7-6.76mm
    • 82MBZ Dial Bore Gage: 5.5-15.1mm
    • 82MCZ Dial Bore Gage: 14.2-39.75mm

    Starrett 82 Dial Bore Gages:

    • 82AZ Dial Bore Gage: .107-.266"
    • 82BZ Dial Bore Gage: .217-.594"
    • 82CZ Dial Bore Gage: .560-1.565"

    Starrett A Sets Individual Probes:

    • 82A2 Individual Probe: .107-.140"/2.7-3.55mm
    • 82A3 Individual Probe: .139-.172"/3.55-4.35mm
    • 82A4 Individual Probe: .171-.203"/4.35-5.15mm
    • 82A5 Individual Probe: .202-.234"/5.15-5.95mm
    • 82A6 Individual Probe: .233-.266"/5.9-6.76mm

    Starrett B Sets Individual Probes:

    • 82B2 Individual Probe: .217-.281"/5.5-7.15mm
    • 82B3 Individual Probe: .279-.344"/7.1-8.75mm
    • 82B4 Individual Probe: .342-.405"/8.7-10.3mm
    • 82B5 Individual Probe: .403-.469"/10.25-11.9mm
    • 82B6 Individual Probe: .467-.532"/11.9-13.5mm
    • 82B7 Individual Probe: .530-.594"/13.5-15.1mm

    Starrett C Sets Individual Probes:

    • 82C2 Individual Probe: .560-.690"/14.2-17.5mm
    • 82C3 Individual Probe: .685-.815"/17.4-20.7mm
    • 82C4 Individual Probe: .810-.940"/20.6-23.9mm
    • 82C5 Individual Probe: .935-1.065/23.75-27.05mm
    • 82C6 Individual Probe: 1.060-1.190"/26.9-30.2mm
    • 82C7 Individual Probe: 1.185-1.315"/30.1-33.4mm
    • 82C8 Individual Probe: 1.310-1.440"/33.3-36.6mm
    • 82C9 Individual Probe: 1.435-1.565"/36.5-39.75mm