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    Dial Bore Gage

    Dial Bore Gage



    Starrett 84MAZ-181-4J Dial Bore Gage

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: 3.175-76.2mm
    • Range Each Extension: 38.1-41.28mm, 41.28-44.45mm, 44.45-47.62mm, 47.62-50.8mm, 50.8-53.98mm, 53.98-57.15mm, 57.15-60.32mm, 60.32-63.5mm, 63.5-66.68mm, 66.68-69.85mm, 69.85-73.02mm, 73.02-76.2mm
    • Ext.: 12
    • Max. Bore Depth: 75mm
    • Plunger Travel: 0.51mm
    • Indicator Graduation: 0.01mm/li>


    These bore gages allow for bore measurements beyond the size range of our 82 Bore Gage.

    They are comparison gages and should be set with a master ring gage, gage blocks with parallel jaws, outside micrometers or vernier calipers. Ring gages are available by request, quoted by application. Good practice is set to zero, as near to the desired dimension as possible.

    Gages are well balanced, easy to use and have the following features:

    • Can be easily held to inspect bores and hole sizes without removing the workpiece
    • An adjustable range screw and two centralizing plungers provide accurate, three-point contact for tool alignmnent in larger bores
    • All contacts and centralized plungers are hardened tool steel for wear and spring-loaded for sensitivity
    • The housing and knurled handle are aluminum for light weight and good balance
    • Dial indicators have jewel bearings for sensitivity
    • Bore depths are also available up to 12" (300mm) in 1" (25mm) increments on special order
    • Furnished in finished wood case
    • Longer reach lengths available from our special gage division
    • Also available with carbide contacts or electronic indicators with output capability on special order