• SPI 14-602-7 Dial Bore Gage Set

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: .400-.700"
    • Resolution: .0001"
    • Measuring Depth: 2.4"
    • Anvils Included: 9


    • Bore set includes an AGD Group 2 dial indicator
    • Accuracy of the indicator meets or exceeds federal specifications
    • Dial indicator includes a shroad which protects the gage and minimizes potential shock
    • 2-point contact with self-centering wheel guide
    • Removable spacers are included
    • Ideal for measuring ID bores, ovality (out of round) and taper
    • Furnished in a fitted case

    The 14-602-7 dial bore gage set allows users to measure ID bores at tight tolerances without having to spend top dollar on the instrument. The SPI dial bore gage sets are popular among users and are great quality bore gage sets. SPI offers each of their dial bore gages in two different graduations and include everything needed to measure throughout the stated range. The dial bore gages still have to be mastered prior to use and BoreGages.com recommends using setting rings, bore gage setting master kit or a micrometer. If you have any questions about setting a bore gage or the use of this dial bore gage set, please contact one of our inside sales representatives via phone, email or Live Chat.

    SPI Dial Bore Gage Sets:

    Graduations: .0001"

    • 14-601-9 Dial Bore Set: .240-.400"
    • 14-602-7 Dial Bore Set: .400-.700"
    • 14-603-5 Dial Bore Set: .700-1.50"
    • 14-604-3 Dial Bore Set: 1.40-2.40"
    • 14-605-0 Dial Bore Set: 2.00-6.00"
    • 14-606-8 Dial Bore Set: 6.00-10.00"
    • 14-607-6 Dial Bore Set: 10.00-16.00"

    Graduations: .0005"