• Fowler/Bowers 54-549-008 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: 6-12"/150-300mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.001mm
    • Measuring Depth: 15"/380mm


    • Ideal for checking bore diameters, taper, and ovality (out of roundess)
    • Tungsten carbide measuring contact points
    • Switchable resolution: .00005"/.0005"/.001mm/.01mm
    • Easy-to-use two button electronics
    • Direct RS232 output (USB and Serial Cables available)
    • Thermally insulated
    • Lightweight Housing
    • Available in ranges from .500-24"/12.5-600mm

    The 54-549-008 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage is manufactured in England by Bowers Metrology. These two-point bore gages have an improved mechanical system which increases the durability of the gage. A spring loaded centralizing foot ensures the bore gage remains centered in the bore when taking measurements. Specials extensions are available upon request and can allow users to measure up to 2m or 6.5' into a bore.

    The Fowler/Bowers Digital Cylinder Bore Gages:

    • 54-549-002 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage: .500-.875"/12.5-22mm
    • 54-549-004 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage: .875-2.00"/22-50mm
    • 54-549-006 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage: 2-6"/50-150mm
    • 54-549-008 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage: 6-12"/150-300mm
    • 54-549-010 Digital Cylinder Bore Gage: 6-24"/150-600mm