• INSIZE 2123-07A Electronic Bore Gage

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: .400-.700"/10-17.78mm
    • Resolution: .0001"/.002mm
    • Accuracy: +/- .00075"
    • Repeatability: +/- .00025"
    • Measuring Depth: 7.00"

    The 2123-07A electronic bore gage must be set/calibrated to a master prior to using. BoreGages.com is happy to assist you in finding a setting master whether it be a setting ring, micrometer, or bore gage setting master kit.

    The INSIZE 2123-07A is one of the most economical electronic bore gages available in the US today. The 2123 series of electronic bore gages are ideal for taking fast bore measurements as well as measuring taper. The electronic indicator has the ability to preset in the exact size you want to master the gage too. On the top of the indicator's display, there is an analog readout so users can watch the scale and know when they are approaching the reversal point (diameter).

    INSIZE Electronic Bore Gages:

    • 2123-04A Electronic Bore Gage: .240-.400"/6-10mm
    • 2123-07A Electronic Bore Gage: .400-.700"/10-17.78mm
    • 2123-15A Electronic Bore Gage: .700-1.5"/17.78-38mm
    • 2123-24A Electronic Bore Gage: 1.40-2.40"/35-60mm
    • 2123-6A Electronic Bore Gage: 2-6"/50-150mm
    • 2123-10A Electronic Bore Gage: 6-10"/150-250mm
    • 2123-16A Electronic Bore Gage: 10-16"/250-400mm