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    Right Angle Dial Bore Gage

    Right Angle Dial Bore Gage



    Range: 2-6"

    Graduations: .0005"

    Fowler 52-646-250 Right Angle Dial Bore Gage

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: 2-6"
    • Resolution: .0005"


    • Self centering
    • Easy to read
    • Carbide tipped contact points/anvils
    • Chrome plated handle and insulated grip
    • Included in a shop hardened/fitted case

    The Fowler 54-646-250 right angle dial bore gage set is ideal for trying to measure those hard to reach bores. This bore gage is ideal for machinists and mechanics who need to measure bore accurately but not at the tightest tolerances. Unfortunately depth extensions that would allow operators to measure at deeper depths are not available for this style bore gage.

    Fowler Dial Bore Gages - Series 646

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