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    MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage Sets

    MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage Sets



    Fowler/Bowers 54-551-010 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage Set

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: .037-.096"/.95-2.45mm
    • Resolution: .00005"/.0005mm
    • Switchable resolution: 0.01/0.001/0.0005mm
    • Repeatability: .00005"/.001mm
    • Hard-chromed ball-contacts
    • Large clear LCD display
    • RS232 output (serial and USB cables available)
    • Easy-to-use two button electronics
    • 5 Year warranty
    • Made in England
    • Direct inch/metric conversion
    • Ergonomic slim design
    • Each setting ring comes certified to U.K.A.S.
    • Linearity:
      • Diameter 1.0-1.5mm: Max 2% of measuring travel (Minimum 0.001mm)
      • Diameter 1.5-6.0mm Max 1% of measuring travel (Minimum 0.001mm)

    The 54-551-010 MicroGage Bore Gage is one of the easiest bore gages to use when it comes to measuring small bores. This tiny bore gage is small enough to fit in your pocket. The MicroGage has incredible repeatability specifications and is a preferred bore gage for measuring small diameters under .250"/6mm. Each individual bore gage as well as the sets include a readout and measuring contacts and setting rings to be able to measure diameters throughout he stated range. The spherical/split-ball style measuring contacts are made of hardened chrome can be interchanged on the electronic readout easily if needed. If users need to get down to a specific depth each time when taking a bore measurement, depth stops are available upon request. A measuring stand to hold the MicroGage is also available upon request if it is easier for users to have the readout in a stand and to bring the small parts to the stand to take measurements.

    The MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage is offered as individual bore gages as well as sets:

    MicroGage Sets:

    • 54-551-010 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: Set: .037-.096"/.95-2.45mm
    • 54-551-011 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: Set: .059-.167"/1.5-4.25mm
    • 54-551-012 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: Set: .089-.250"/2.25-6.35mm

    Individual MicroGage:

    • 54-551-001 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: .037-.061"/0.95-1.55mm
    • 54-551-002 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: .060-.096"/1.5-2.45mm
    • 54-551-003 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: .089-.167"/2.25-4.25mm
    • 54-551-004 MicroGage 2-Point Bore Gage: .144-.250"/3.65-6.35mm