• Fowler 52-472-001 Small Hole Gage

    Technical Specifications:

    • Range: .125-.200"
    • Overall Length: 3-5/8"
    • Depth: .880"


    • Precision ground and hardened tool steel measuring surfaces
    • Measuring contacts are full-round with a flat bottom
    • Constant measuring force ensures better repeatability
    • Knurled knob is used for size adjustment and to lock in the diameter size
    • Accurate and fast bore measurements
    • Self-centering
    • Includes fitted vinyl case

    The Fowler 52-472-001 small hole gage is an easy solution when needing to take a fast bore measurement. Hole gages operate similar to telescoping gages but do not have the constant measuring pressure. A hole gage is more similar to an inside micrometer in which the thimble or knob is turned until the measuring contacts are making contact with the side of the bore. Once in the bore, the knurled knob should be turned until both measuring contacts are pressing firmly against the bore walls. The gage can then be taken out of the bore with the measuring contacts in the same orientation as when the small hole gage was in the bore. In order to obtain the final bore measurement, a micrometer should be used to measure over the measuring contacts. A caliper could be used to obtain the final diameter but users will get a more accurate measurement using a micrometer.

    The Fowler Small Hole Gages are offered as individual gages as well as sets:

    Individual Small Hole Gages:

    • 52-472-001 Small Hole Gage: .125-.200"
    • 52-472-002 Small Hole Gage: .200-.300"
    • 52-472-003 Small Hole Gage: .300-.400"
    • 52-472-004 Small Hole Gage: .400-.500"

    Small Hole Gage Sets: